The first time we went with TLC was in 2020. Remember the big COVID year? Yup. We packed up our crates, they had a driver roll them onto the truck for Las Vegas, and then… the crates were stuck because the show was cancelled. Scott helped us through all of that whole mess. It wasn’t fun for him, I am sure he was losing money, and everyone was stressed, but he was really great. I absolutely love going with TLC-Expo. Every year, I contact 4-5 companies, doing my due diligence out of an obligation to ensure my company has a fair deal, and almost inevitably we go with them because they work with us in every way (one year we didn’t go with them and regretted it–we booked freight directly through the show because someone at our company insisted that we ship directly to the show instead of the Advance Warehouse, and I thought maybe booking through the show would be a guarantee that it would arrive on time, but nope, the other company didn’t get it there on time…bad, bad experience with the show’s freight provider–but let’s back to TLC…). Scott and Leah are absolutely phenomenal, and they will absolutely earn your trust and your business. We had a situation this year where a driver flaked out and didn’t show up. Our freight was outside with no possibility of getting it back into the building and we had a snowstorm on their way. The no-show driver was not their fault at all, but they didn’t stop until they found me another driver, and followed through to be sure I had talked to them. Our freight was on the road before the snowstorm hit, much to my relief. Scott has also showed up to the show several times after I left, and worked with our crew to make sure they were packed up on time and had labels, paperwork completed, etc. Our show staff all agrees that Scott is awesome. If your company participates in a large trade show, you know that you are spending at least 10s of thousands of dollars for even a small booth. So it’s crucial that every backwall, every component, every product you are displaying in that booth space is carefully packed and trucked. If it arrives damaged, or doesn’t arrive on time, you will be scrambling to try to put a backup plan into place, and possibly wasting your investment. So it’s critical to work with a good freight company that specifically deals with trade shows. I have never seen anyone put as much care into trade show freight as TLC. By the way, I voluntary came here looking to sing their praises–they didn’t ask for this review and aren’t even aware that I am writing it. But it’s important to single out the good companies these days! Lately it is hard to count on anyone to get the job done, but to be able to count on people who not only get the job done, but go above and beyond, AND are always pleasant to deal with — I mean, you just can’t ask for more. Big thanks to Scott and Leah from TLC-Expo; we look forward to working with you for years to come!