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There is one huge looming deadline that comes just before the trade show: when the truck arrives to pick up your exhibit properties and show materials.

Of course, this shipment is very time sensitive and absolutely must deliver to the show on schedule.

Besides all of the things that can go wrong once the shipment has left your own docks, what’s worse is incurring additional costs because the shipment wasn’t ready when the driver arrived

At TLC-Expo we offer our experience and expertise and coach our customers to have their shipment prepared the right way.

We provide the necessary labels, the shipping paperwork and we also make sure that the carrier and driver are on the same team. This initial preparation will save money, time and very costly mishaps.

So… it’s important to make sure that all the crates, skids, pallets, and cases are secured and sealed up ready to go. All of the contents are ready for a rough ride with plenty of packing material to cushion the bumps and jars of riding in a freight trailer, even with air-ride suspension.

The shipping labels are secured to at least 2 sides of each crate, boxes and pallets. Caution labels, ie: “This side UP”, Do Not Stack”, “Glass” etc., are all affixed appropriately to each cargo item.

It’s also a very good idea to label each crate with a “1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, you get the idea. This makes checking of the items off on the manifest that much easier.

Finally, we have prepared your Bill of Lading with a Manifest so that they are are ready for the driver to “take possession” of the goods.